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SchoolMoney's Trip Module

If you’re thinking about organising trips in the future, SchoolMoney’s trip module is a really great way to organise and plan your trips in a quick and easy way. Below, Jemma shows you how easy it is for your admin staff to organise a school trip.


All you need to do is simply set your trip up by adding the details of the trip in, and then send invitations out to your parents. That’s it! SchoolMoney does all the hard work for you.

When it comes to payments, you can easily see who has signed up, and how much a parent has paid. If you have any outstanding payments, you can easily send a message to those parents in seconds by just clicking a button!

Once a parent gets their invitation, they can pay in whichever way they’d like. Whether that be little and often, in one big chunk, or by cash! Parents can visit a PayPoint site to pay or pay via their mobile phone!

If you’d like to know more about our trip module, or sign up, please contact our SchoolMoney Team. 



Hello , hope l can pay my daughter trip , this ia my first time trying eduspot.

Hi Catalin, if you’re looking for some help booking a trip, please contact your school and they will be able to help. Thanks

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