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Teachers2 Parents

Market leading school communications

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Straightforward School Comms

A forward-thinking, intuitive school communications solution with effective messaging capabilities to streamline your school comms.


When bad weather cancels a school trip or an after school club gets shelved at late notice, you need to spread the word quickly with hassle-free software. By connecting to your school’s database, our text and email service – and our school app – makes communication ABC easy. With over 10,000 schools already on-board, there’s a reason Teachers2Parents is the UK’s market leader.

Teachers2Parents unlocks fluid communication for schools, allowing relationships to blossom with parents enabling pupils to surpass their capabilities. With intelligent utilities such as school messaging templates & scheduling, forms, and our parents’ evening module, you’ll find engaging with parents completely stress-free. Furthermore, the schools app is included in your teachers2parents subscription, which is proven to help close the gap between parents and schools.

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School Communications Guides

Collect School Data

Digitally collect permission &
information with ease!

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Level-up parental

Improve comms with parents and guardians.
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Parents Evening

Safe & secure
virtual parents' evenings

Set-up a parents’ evenings in a few clicks.
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School Forms

  • The easy way to build detailed digital school forms to collect all the information you need from parents, guardians, and staff.
  • Create and distribute school surveys for teacher evaluation, parent satisfaction, Ofsted questionnaires and course feedback
  • Manage permission slips for school activities, after school clubs, and educational visits
  • Collect information such as medical records, parent contact details, dietary information etc.

School Forms

Texts to Parents

  • Contact parents and guardians efficiently using SMS directly to their mobiles
  • Send in bulk to a whole class, form or group with a few clicks
  • Keep parents in the loop wherever they are, saving you time and hassle
  • There is no limit to the number of messages which can be scheduled in advance
  • Increase the likelihood that parents receive your communications as we store up to two mobile numbers per contact.
  • Schedule your texts in advance to streamline your school comms!

Texts to Parents

Parent Email

  • Reach parents with elaborate messages with our parent email service
  • Categorise recipients easily by creating custom contact groups
  • Perfect for school lesson plans, information documents and resources
  • Use templates to speed up the process, eliminating the need for repetitive admin work!

Parent Email

Parents' Evening

  • Organise a parents’ evening in minutes!
  • Let parents and guardians pick their own time slots, including individual slots for separated parents
  • No more rushing at the school gates to write down each parent’s slot- instead, spend this time planning what’s important- the meeting itself!
  • The system allows you to text those who haven’t booked, and also allows parents the opportunity to ask questions in advance

Parents’ Evening

Parents evening

School Email

Reach all branches of the school family tree with an easy to use and efficient school email service. Preprogrammed and effective, it’s no wonder that when it comes to school to parent information, Teachers2Parents school email is the UK’s market leader.

School Email

“Now, with very minimal setting up, we send out invitations at a click of a button and literally watch the bookings come in. Our percentage of parents booking has jumped up dramatically.”
Underhill School and Children’s Centre



“The text service has been reliable, easy to maintain and a convenient way of passing information to our parents and staff. We would recommend to any school or nursery.”

Lorraine Browning of Emmer Green Pre-School, Berkshire

MIS Integration

Stay GDPR Compliant - You will have complete control over all the data you share in Xporter on Demand.

Fully Secure - Xporter on Demand is fully accredited and secure, meaning a student's sensitive information will never be seen by the wrong person.

Never Miss An Update - Xporter on Demand automatically updates to the latest version, meaning you won't have to push a button.

Customised Data Sharing - Opt-in or out of the data that you want to share. You can include staff, student UPNs, and classes.*

Trusted - Over 20,000 schools already transfer data with Xporter on Demand, so you can focus on what really matters.

Always up-to-date - Xporter on Demand automatically runs every morning, and can also be triggered at any time throughout the day with the click of a button.

To connect your MIS please login into your T2P account and follow the steps provided. Alternatively, contact the team for more information.


MIS Integration

School App

  • Teachers2Parents’ dedicated mobile school app provides excellent convenience, available free of charge for iOS and Android
  • With over a million downloads, the app is packed full of exciting and useful features
  • Messaging functionality is straightforward and presented in a familiar format
  • The noticeboard tool is ideal for casual school-wide announcements and events; meaning parents will remain in the loop!
  • The term calendar is a popular tool among parents, it’s an easy way to communicate term dates in a place they can always return to
  • Login is straightforward yet secure, and parents with more than one child can view all Teachers2Parents messages from a single app login.

  • School App

School App

Superb Accessibility, Integration and Security

  • Ensure platform security and management with user accessibility controls and full audit trail. This gives admin users full control
  • Easily see which users have sent which messages, and made changes to service settings and contacts
  • We offer several different MIS data integration methods, including Wonde, CSV, and Groupcall Xporter on Demand, depending on school set up and preference

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Always here to support you and your team

  • New software requires new knowledge, so we’re here to help.
  • If you have any teething problems with BehaviourWatch, or questions, be confident that Eduspot will be there to help you through and answer your enquiry.

school support

School Web Design

Your parental engagement can be enhanced with great school web design!

Your school website is a great place to support effective school communication, which is why Teachers2Parents offer a complete school website design service. Our dynamic and flexible education-focused websites have been developed from years of collaboration with schools and teachers.

School Web Design

web design process

Primary Schools

  • Communicate swiftly with parents/guardians using SMS and email
  • Rapidly plan parents' evenings using our stress-free module
  • Share positive feedback with parents to discuss landmarks in child development
  • Use the app to quickly view the term calendar, noticeboard, and messaging area
  • Build connections with disengaged parents
  • Speed up processes using messaging templates, scheduling emails in advance and creating custom groups
  • Looking to monitor behaviour and nurture talent? Check out SchoolAwards for more information.

Primary School Software

Secondary Schools

  • Communicate swiftly with parents/guardians using SMS and email
  • Rapidly plan parents’ evenings using our stress-free module
  • Prepare for exams with comprehensive lesson plans, resources and learning packs via email
  • Inform parents quickly of any negative behaviour or interventions
  • Use the app to quickly view the term calendar, noticeboard and messaging area
  • Build connections with disengaged parents
  • Aid homework by producing lesson plans which can be distributed via email

Secondary Schools Software

Special Schools (SEN)

  • Communicate swiftly with parents/guardians using SMS and email
  • Inform parents quickly of any negative behaviour or interventions
  • Speed up processes using messaging templates, scheduling emails in advance and creating custom groups
  • Use the app to quickly view the term calendar, noticeboard, and messaging area

Special School Software