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Our trustworthy, secure school payment system

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School Payment System

SchoolMoney is an intelligent school payments solution designed to modernise daily school functions featuring invaluable cashless school capabilities.


An effective system proven to streamline catering and parental payment processes, enabling schools to build confidence while saving money. Fulfil your school’s cashless potential and leave behind tedious admin processes.

SchoolMoney is a modern, cost-effective solution for schools and academies to go cashless and manage parental payments intuitively. With SchoolMoney’s secure online payment portal, parents can pay for school dinners, uniform and school trips remotely using the app, the website or via their local Paypoint. SchoolMoney puts the power in your hands, allowing you to manage club bookings, check kitchen stock and set up instalment payments easily.


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Online School Payments

Take full control of your school payments and allow parents to pay either through top-up, where parents can pay a set amount each week which gets added on. Or, alternatively, allow parents to pre-book and pre-pay for their children’s meals in advance.

For trips or larger fees, set up instalments for parents to handle large school payments better.

How inclusive is SchoolMoney?

Online School Payments

Cashless Catering

The cashless catering till is a great way of managing dinner menu options. This can be managed through pre-booking, where parents pick a child’s options for that day. Equally, schools also have the choice of collecting the money from parents, then letting children pick their food choices that day. This will allow students to go into the cashless catering menu and pick their meal choice, which is then sent over to the catering team.

Cashless Catering

cashless catering

School Club Booking

Book and track cash collection for all your school clubs in one place while streamlining management. Significantly reduce time spent on paper registers and ad-hoc club booking through pre-booking and pre-paying.

school club booking

Collecting School Arrears

  • The in-built Money Overdue Report enables you to rapidly view every overdue school payment.
  • From here, you can send emails or texts directly to each contact to collect school arrears.
  • This directly links to your school’s MIS to check the data for each parent or guardian, including the option to send to additional contacts.

Collecting School Arrears

School Club Management

Complete school club management to support:

  • Extra-curricular activities and wraparound care are easy to setup and navigate!
  • Parents may pre-book their child’s place or you may do this ad-hoc
  • This can be paid instantly or pay via arrears
  • This enables clear management for the parent and the school

School Club Management

School Dinners

Cashless school dinners are a popular feature within SchoolMoney.

  • Choice is important for parents and SchoolMoney allows children to choose their meal, or parents to choose on their behalf
  • SchoolMoney's integrated allergy feature means some options will be unavailable when required
  • Choices are always made ahead of time, allowing school lunches to be optimised and food waste to be reduced
  • Cashless payments including dinner money top-ups can be made remotely

school dinners

“We love SchoolMoney, it is a very intuitive system and I am extremely happy with it. It has taken a job away from the school which was very time-consuming.”



“It has reduced the time spent counting money and freed my time for other work.”

Gillian Harrison of Manley Village School, Cheshire

Intuitive School Reporting

  • Reconciliation reports ensure finances are easy to balance
  • Money received allows you to view all incoming payments
  • Catering reports are perfect for optimising portion control and reducing wastage
  • Includes filtering options to streamline your reporting

School Reporting

School App

  • Instant notifications of payments directly to parent phones
  • Rapid school payments - no need to log in each time payments are made
  • Integration with school SMS platform*
  • Mobile intuitive user interface and multi-child/school integration right out of the box

*Requires the school use Teachers2Parents messaging service

School App

School App

Managing School Trips

  • Set up a school trip and allow parents to pay in as many instalments as you’d like.
  • Add in several options, such as parental consent only, limited places, voluntary contribution etc.
  • Automatically send notification information via text and email using the integrated function. Even push notifications are available if they have the app

Managing School Trips

School Payments

  • Say goodbye to staff constantly chasing parental payments and consent on a regular basis!
  • School payments and school trips consent forms can be managed easily using SchoolMoney.
  • Here, teachers can see who’s agreed to what and when, parent contact details and medical or special requirement information for pupils.

school payments

School Shop

  • Sell school uniform, event tickets or charity items hassle free!
  • The school shop gives parents the chance to buy online or directly from the school office without any cash changing hands
  • The shop stock report gives the school an easy to read inventory, so stocks never run low

School Shop


  • PayPoint provides those without access to online banking or other online facilities to top up their account when they need to
  • Parents and guardians can top up in person at over 28,000 locations in the UK whether that be; supermarkets, post offices, petrol stations or corner shops
  • Paypoint enables schools that are almost cashless to take the jump to being completely cashless

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