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Our trustworthy, secure online payments system

Straightforward School Payments

Helping parents pay for school dinners, trips and uniforms and helping teachers avoid crumpled permission slips, loose change and headaches

With SchoolMoney’s secure online payments system, parents can pay for school dinners, uniform and school trips. This module also helps schools balance their books. By using the Paypoint system, families without online banking can make school payments in supermarkets, newsagents and post offices. With SchoolMoney’s parental consent feature, primary contact details, medical information and permission for a range of activities can be supplied in an instant.

Parental Payments

If you’re a school that’s big on activities, your staff will be chasing parental payments and consent on a regular basis for payments and school trips. Here teachers can see who’s agreed to what and when, parent contact details and medical or special requirement information for pupils.

Money overdue

With SchoolMoney you can see in an instant who’s in arrears and send a text, email or letter reminder to parents and guardians. Filters can be added to ascertain specific information on payees and activities.


Families without online banking can keep payments up to date by visiting supermarkets, newsagents or Post Office counters where the PayPoint sign is visible. An inclusive alternative, 99 per cent of the UK population live within a mile of one of PayPoint’s 29,000 outlets.

“It has reduced the time spent counting money and freed my time for other work.”

Gillian Harrison of Manley Village School, Cheshire

Reconciliation report

All online payments enter your school’s bank account on a weekly basis. Get a breakdown for this amount using SchoolMoney’s static banking reconciliation report. You can also filter this information by different banks, cost centre codes, ledger codes, references or payment types

School dinner and club register

Nobody wants their child to miss out because that paper consent slip was eaten by the book bag. Through SchoolMoney, parents and guardians can notify when their child has a school dinner and assist school budgeting. They can also reserve and pay for their child’s place in a school club.

School Shop

If you’re looking to sell school uniform, event tickets or charity items hassle free, the school shop gives parents the chance to buy online or directly from the school office. The shop stock report gives the school an easy to read inventory so stocks never run low.