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Cashless Catering

Cashless Catering

Effortless Cashless Catering with SchoolMoney

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Cashless Guide

Cashless School Catering

The cashless catering till is a great way of managing dinner menu options. This can be managed through pre-booking, where parents pick a child’s options for that day. Equally, schools also have the choice of collecting the money from parents, then letting children pick their food choices that day. This will allow students to go into the cashless catering menu and pick their meal choice, which is then sent over to the catering team.

The basic dinner register is a great way to see who is getting a school dinner and who is having a packed lunch. With built-in meat and veg options in addition to dietary options, parents can be given full assurances of their child’s lunches.

The basic dinner register shows the student names, their form and year group (which are pulled from your MIS system), then the days of the week Monday to Friday. For each day, a colour can be selected from the key to note the child’s dinner, or the data can be automatically synched from SIMS Dinner Patterns. The finances for each child are automatically counted on the right-hand side. If a child is absent, you can easily click to remove the colouring for that day and the system will recognise that the child is absent.

There are a couple of different ways that parents can pay for the school dinners. Firstly, we have top up, where parents can pay a set amount each week which gets added on. Alternatively, parents can pre-book and pre-pay for their children’s meals in advance. SchoolMoney eliminates the burden of manually totting up the costs of meals, with it’s clear in-built reports available to show exactly how much each parent owes.

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SchoolMoney is extremely flexible, so if you’re unsure of how exactly your school could use the system, contact our team and we’d be happy to run you through the details. With 3 specific modules, your school has opportunity to pick the solution which properly fits their needs.

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