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Parents' Evening

Parents' Evening

Organise an effective parents' evening in only few clicks

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Parents' Evening System

Parents' Evening System

Parents’ evening is one of the most important appointments in the school calendar, allowing teachers and parents to work together to increase pupils results.

Our parents’ evenings solutions are designed to support schools at all levels to maximise the benefits of these meetings while reducing the unnecessary workload related to the organisation of the events.

Organise a parents’ evening, manage invites and parental meetings. Reduce the huge amount of administrative workload for your school, meaning teachers and staff can focus on what is important for the success of parental meetings.

But what if organising parents’ evenings will take you only 100 seconds? Watch the video below to see how this is possible.

parents evening
parents evening invites

Parents’ Evening

Easily set up your parents’ evenings and send invites in a matter of seconds.

parents evening booking

Parents’ Evening Booking

Monitor parents’ evening bookings, send automated reminders or book manually for parents.

parents evening planning

Parents’ Evening Schedule

View, download, email or print your parents’ evening schedule and ensure everyone is prepared.

parents evening diary

Empower Parents’ Evening

Allow parents to suggest topics in advance and support meaningful conversations.

parents evening

Parents’ Evening Bookings for Parents

Parents can easily book the most suitable parents’ evening meeting for one or more children.



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Organise Effective Parents’ Evenings

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