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About Us

About Us

From our origin twelve years ago to our exciting new future...

We are here to help

We think we’ve got the jump on other software providers – our company was founded by two friends, one a teacher and the other in finance, who recognised the challenges faced by the education sector and their own schools to communicate and engage with parents and guardians.

Over a decade later and lots has changed! Our two founders grew several successful and innovative brands such as our cashless catering system SchoolMoney, behaviour management system BehaviourWatch, and complete management information system SchoolPod.

We joined Community Brands in 2017 – A family of purpose-driven, cause-focused, market-leading technology solution companies. It’s Community Brands’ global mission to help you and your school achieve success faster, grow stronger and fulfil your potential in a rapidly-evolving digital world, through connection, collaboration and innovation.

We’re so excited for the future and all that we have planned. Working with you together, we will make a difference!

Our values are our promise to you. They are the definition of what motivates us to move forward to support you, with the best people behind our brand.


Schools and parents want the same thing: the best for their children. And at Eduspot so do we. Our products support the simple principle of unity – because by working together we’ll always be stronger.


Our customers need to know that what they’re paying for will save them time and money. At Eduspot you can always trust us to provide and work on solutions for school-centric issues.


Other educational software companies cost more. We could but we don’t. Why? Because Eduspot was started to help parents and educators be efficient with limited time and money. That’s why we’re in over 10,000 UK schools.


We don’t make software that isn’t useful and we wouldn’t sell you something we wouldn’t use ourselves. All our products are designed to make life easier. At Eduspot we take pride in our consistency to do the right thing.


As a company we’re always inspired to work harder and better. Our underlying ambition was born of working within education and now for education – to improve the lot of teachers, parents, guardians and ultimately the pupils. Tight budgets, challenging targets, demanding social circumstances… we can help with these and more.

Meet the team

See our friendly faces!
Lydia Hook Managing Director
Anthony Bennett Head of Sales
Glenn Guest Head of Infrastructure
Marianne Gannon Head of Client Services
Liam McDonagh Head of Product
Aakanksha Bhandari Head of Development
Liz Oxlade Head of Finance