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Our lightning quick management information system!

Want to manage assessments and attendance? Need to contact parents? Or perhaps you’re brushing up on best practice? Meet SchoolPod

SchoolPod is a day-to-day oracle for busy teachers. With modules for instant messaging to parents or keeping assessments up to date, SchoolPod is your time-saving friend. Able to compile DFE standard census returns and give instant access to staff and pupil profiles, you’ll wonder how you managed without it.

Staff and student profiles

All you need to know on pupils, their families, and staff information, in one time saving place.

Census returns

Take the joyless grind out of census returns with a package that automatically formats information into a Department for Education compatible download. Guarantee the quality of submitted data with summary and error reports.

Behaviour management and assessment recording

Communication is key in all areas of school life. Once an issue arises, SchoolPod can record incidents quickly and easily and inform your staff. Minimise confusion with clear access to school policy and guidance. Want to know how your pupils are getting on? The information is just a click away.

“SchoolPod allows greater efficiency and enables me to share updates with my team more effectively, giving them realistic timescales for development.”

Madeleine Heaton of Wakefield Pupil Referral Units, Yorkshire

Unlimited support

SchoolPod will provide you with all the tailored software you need to efficiently run your school. If you have questions on function, you can contact us at no extra cost.

Attendance monitoring

View all aspects of attendance in one place. You can contact parents and monitor trends with this module that will help you address causes of low attendance and effective measures to drive improvement.