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Behaviour Watch

What happens in the classroom, sports hall and playground matters – so we keep all of your snippets of information in one place.

Straightforward Behaviour Management

Because what your child does between 8.30am and 3.30pm five days a week shouldn’t be a mystery

BehaviourWatch fills the void between home and school, so no more missing report cards. It lets parents and teachers know how pupils are getting on at school. With real time attendance monitoring, issues can be flagged the moment they arise. BehaviourWatch also caters for children with Special Educational Needs and extra curricular activities.

School Attendance

School attendance is a crucial aspect of schooling. Here you can record absences, automatically keep parents or guardians in the loop, and drive improved attendance by overseeing the interplay between behaviour and attendance information.

Special Educational Needs and Individual Education Plans

Almost one in five school children requires extra support and that means so do their schools. Keep student profiles connected with SEN and IEP information, engage your SEN learners with appropriate rewards, and, above all, give your staff the right information.

Safeguarding children and reporting

If your teachers have concerns regarding students or their parents/guardians, this module will allow them to be flagged immediately and confidentially. Avoid future safeguarding problems with clear protocol and instantly accessible information.

“As Deputy Head of Care, a big headache was caused by missing information. Now I know of correspondence, detentions or physical interventions etc when they happen. BehaviourWatch has been worth every penny.”

Malcolm Mackenzie of West Kirby School and College, Lancashire

Rewards management

Positive behaviour should be acknowledged. This module gives each student a unique behaviour register. Each time a student is rewarded, points are added to the system and the nature of their reward indicated with a key symbol. Reward milestones also trigger messages to parents and teachers.

Parental engagement

With this text and email service, give parents who are short on time a quid pro quo on what their offspring is up to behind school gates. This gives parents and guardians, should they have any concerns, the option to speak directly with the school.

Unlimited support

New software requires new knowledge. If you have any teething problems with BehaviourWatch, or questions on how you can add other modules, be confident that Eduspot will be there to help you through and answer your enquiry.