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Coronavirus Update: Free Laptops for Disadvantaged Children

On Sunday, the Government announced a new package to support online learning. Disadvantaged children will receive free laptops and tablets alongside 4G routers to ensure they have access to the internet.

What is the Government’s learning package?

The Government have worked alongside telecommunications companies to provide free 4G data for those who need it most. This means they will be able to continue their learning outside of the school environment. There are plenty of resources for these children to use, with The Oak National Academy launched yesterday, which will provide 180 video lessons each week! This is alongside the BBC revamping their Bitesize resource centre, featuring celebrities and some of the UK’s best teachers to keep children engaged.

Who are they for and how do I apply?

The laptops are only available for those without access to one, they must either who have a social worker, a care leaver or be in year 10, ahead of their important GCSEs next year.

The devices themselves with be distributed through education providers, such as schools and academy trusts. So if you are unsure whether your child qualifies, you need to get in touch with your child’s school.


Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said:

“I want to thank all the teachers and staff who are working so hard to ensure vulnerable children and those of critical workers are supported at this time.”

“Schools will remain closed until the scientific advice changes, which is why we need to support the incredible work teachers are already doing to ensure children continue to receive the education they deserve and need.”

“By providing young people with these laptops and tablets and enabling schools to access high-quality support, we will enable all children to continue learning now and in the years to come. We hope this support will take some of the pressure off both parents and schools by providing more materials for them to use.”

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I would like to know if my son is able to borrow a laptop to complete his work from home. And if yes how can i apply?
He is in year 10 and we are on universal credit
Thank you

Hi Fatima,
The government are giving the laptops to schools to hand out. So, we’d recommend getting in contact with your child’s school to see what the situation is in your area.

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