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Free Maths Primary School Resources

At Eduspot, we’re looking to help as much as we can throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Many of you may be homeschooling your children or other family members, so we’ve put together a list of maths resources which may be helpful for primary school children. 

Early Foundation Stage 

Little Owls Resources – Number formation cards, number lines, ordering activities & counting puzzles – Online Games, activities & presentations 

Early Learning HQ  Counting games, flash cards, money & number bonds 

SparkleBox – Numbers, counting, interactive online activities & data handling 

The Mum Educates – Top 10 numeracy games  

Key Stage 1 

Twinkl – Activites, games, stats, fractions and much more! 

MathSphere – Worksheets for each year 

SnappyMaths – Worksheets & interactive activities 

BBC Bitesize – Selection of games & activities 

Maths Is Fun – Wide range of worksheets 

Key Stage 2 

Twinkl – Wide range of resources and worksheets 

Teach It Primary – Worksheets, investigations and activities 

TheSchoolRun – Worksheets, games and activities 

TopMarks – Wide list of resources 

Mathster – Large range of worksheets 

If you’re using any learning tools we haven’t mentioned please mention them below in our comments section.


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