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The Top 5 Ways To Save Time With Eduspot

We’ve been talking to our customers and have been looking at things that they love about Eduspot’s products, and the ways that they use them. In the current climate, increasing staff confidence is key to being successful and using technology is the most practical way to achieve this.  

Streamline Communication 

Make communication flow simply with Eduspot’s products. Teachers2Parents gives you the ability to communicate easily with parents and guardians, so you can pass news on in an instant. With SchoolMoney, you can remind parents and guardians about upcoming or overdue payments easily. BehaviourWatch has the ability for in-school communication, so all staff can be updated quickly. 

Instant Analysis

If having in-depth reporting is important to you, Eduspot has a range of ways that you can see statistics clearly. With Teachers2Parents, you’re able to distinctly see the delivery status of your messages, so there are no missed messages. SchoolMoney’s data reporting allows you to see all pupil’s payment status. BehaviourWatch’s powerful reporting tool allows you to spot trends with a students behaviour, in order to encourage more positives from them.  

Personal Support (with a real person!) 

Whilst we’re confident you’ll never need us, we’ve got in-person support available to help you should you need any issues resolving. We also offer free training when you come on board with us 

Unlimited! (with no hidden costs)

Have you thought about choosing an unlimited option? Rather than paying as you go, you can use our unlimited option and send as many communications as you’d like with Teachers2Parents. You can also make an unlimited amount of transactions with SchoolMoney, which is perfect for clearing up your expenses ahead of time 

Everything Under One Roof

If you already use an Eduspot product, getting a second is very easy! For Teachers2Parents and SchoolMoney, our app allows both parents and school staff to communicate and make payments in the same place. This is just one of the ways we’re helping you to save time.  

We absolutely love hearing what you have to say, and the things that you love about EduspotOur team has been busy writing about the new educational landscape in the wake of COVID-19. To download the article, click here.  


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