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Teachers2Parents App Update

We’ve recently made some exciting changes to our Teachers2Parents App following feedback from parents and Schools. The changes are available from today.

The changes will give users an enhanced experience of the App and includes some helpful new features:

  • Improved Loading Times
  • Improved User Experience
  • Built-in Verification
  • FAQ Pages
  • Copy and Paste
  • Clickable Hyperlinks

Improved Loading Times

We’ve improved the way in which the App retrieves data and displays it. Following this update, we’re now able to increase loading speeds!

Improved User Experience

We’ve reviewed the look and feel of the App to reduce the number of taps a Parent has to make to get to the information they need.

Built – in Verification

Parents will be able to identify the sender of the message and the time it was sent within the App, removing the need for any other form of verification. All messages are sent and received securely with our end-to-end encryption.

FAQ Pages

Our new FAQ pages for Parents explain who we are, what the App does, how it works and our relationship with you, the School.

Copy and Paste Messages

A popular request from parents was to have the ability to copy messages. We’re pleased to introduce this feature, saving Parents valuable time.

Clickable Hyperlinks

Another highly demanded request of Parents was to be able to click on links sent to them by the School.

For Parents to fully benefit from the App’s functionality, we encourage Schools to add as much information as possible to the Term Calendar and Noticeboard features – ensuring Parents are always up to date with the latest news, updates and key dates.

To update these and your School information, simply go to the admin page in your Teachers2Parents system and click on the ‘App info’ tab.

If you have any questions about the Teachers2Parents App, please contact your dedicated Support team on 0845 388 5505 or email





How do we add more than one parent to the list? We have parents that are separated

Is there a way to get the Android app to notify me when a message is received. At the moment the only way to see if there is a new message is to continually check?


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