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Checklist For Managing Behaviour Effectively

Have you returned back to school?  Behaviour is often difficult to predict, especially with the uncertainty created by coronavirus. As a result of this, it’s important that schools put themselves in the best possible position to identify issues, notice trends and plan interventions when negative behaviour arises. On top of that, positive reinforcement will be pivotal in encouraging pupil growth, making them value their education and appreciate being at school. BehaviourWatch is being used by many schools to efficiently reward positive behaviour while carefully planning interventions to amend problematic pupil conduct. Here are the key areas we think you will need to be aware of to be fully equipped for during school re-openings:

  1. Clear Channels of Communication- Automating communication to parents and staff- save valuable admin time
  2. Reward and Motivate- Encourage positive behaviour with a reward system, and share the students’ successes with parents and guardians
  3. Log Issues with Ease- Digital forms for logging behavioural issues instantly
  4. Prepare and Succeed- Comply with Ofsted’s expectations around the recording & analysis of behaviour.
  5. Protect with Confidence- Safeguard children using real-time notifications enabling protocols to be instantly adhered to
  6. Secure and Encourage- Record and assess the mental wellbeing of pupils, track their behavioural patterns, and give staff a head-start in identifying reoccurring issues
  7. Report and Analyse- Easily create reports from your data without the need for use of complicated tools, external data, or expensive training. “A major benefit is the generation of reports. Before, this was a painful and slow process of transferring data from one place to another for manipulation.” Coombe Girls’ School
  8. Prioritise Mental Health- SEMH (social-emotional mental health) profiles to enable

Eduspot is looking to support you as best as we can throughout the school re-openings. If you’re looking for more information, our webinar is available below!

Take a look at our Webinar: Managing Behaviour Effectively


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