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The Chancy School

The Chancy School

BehaviourWatch has revolutionised the way we work at Chauncy

Report Card - The Chauncy School

Secondary School


1000 pupils

The Chauncy School is a secondary school located in Ware, Hertfordshire who pride themselves on accepting students of any ability, and has had increasingly improved results for 13 years running. In Jan 2013, OFSTED described Chauncy School as ‘an inspiring and exciting place to be.’ In 2017, OFSTED rated Chauncy School as outstanding.

The assignment: Streamlining Incidents and Reporting

The Chauncy school wanted to tackle incidents before they escalated into big problems. For this, they needed a solution that offered the ability for all of their staff to work collaboratively in being able to report incidents as they happened. They also wanted a way to celebrate the achievements of their students, to improve morale and increase communication with parents.

How did BehaviourWatch fit in at the school?

Chauncy loved the fact that all of their staff were seamlessly able to use the new system in no time at all once it was setup. This meant they could take note of all incidents, and use reports to notice trends quickly as pupils began to cause disturbances. Staff discussed how they can "now generate accurate reports instantly and this has allowed us to celebrate achievement in lessons, in tutor time, in mentor meetings and in our weekly year group assemblies." They were also happy with how it developed their communication with parents, opening up the ability for high-quality dialogues to take place.
Behaviour Management

The final word

BehaviourWatch has revolutionised the way we work at Chauncy. In the short time we have been using the software, BehaviourWatch has allowed us to enhance the climate of praise and encouragement at Chauncy and it has made a huge contribution towards motivating students.