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Moor End Academy

Moor End Academy

BehaviourWatch is a great product that transformed our behaviour management system

Report Card - Moor End Academy



900 pupils

Moor End is a high performing, and truly inclusive school, that welcomes students of all abilities and provides a safe, stimulating and challenging learning environment where students are central to everything they do as an academy.

The assignment: Reducing Time to Log Behavioural Incidents

Moor End Academy wanted to reduce the amount of time that staff were spending logging behavioural incidents and instead have a fast and efficient system. They wanted to input a rewards system that saved time for teaching staff and had a lasting effect on student behaviour. The academy also wanted to reduce their administration, staffing and subsequent costs for the long-term. Another important factor for the Moor End Academy was to have increased accountability of their staff.

How did BehaviourWatch fit in at the school?

Moor End Academy loved the BehaviourWatch web-based analytics, which saved lots of staff time! The ability to log positive and negative incidents quickly was also a great bonus to the academy. Another unique part of BehaviourWatch that the school enjoyed was its security, and flexibility in one. It is helpful that staff are able to log onto BehaviourWatch anywhere, at any time on any device.
Behaviour Management

The final word

“BehaviourWatch is a great product that transformed our behaviour management system, and in turn allowing us to concentrate on being a World Class, Outstanding School.”