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Harmony Hill Primary School

Harmony Hill Primary School

Saving teachers' time & improving school security

Report Card - Harmony Hill Primary School

Primary School


653 pupils

Our staff are caring, diligent and committed to meeting the individual needs of every child, and to creating a secure environment, where children are valued, nurtured and supported to reach their potential. We believe that children learn best when they are excited by, actively involved in and have a clear purpose for their learning.

The assignment: Saving teachers' time & improving school security

We wanted to find a solution to remove the need for our teaching staff and admin assistants to be counting money at the start of each school day. We also wanted to address the added worry of holding large sums of money within our school premises.

How did SchoolMoney fit in at the school?

Parents are now able to purchase their meals for the week ahead, and as an additional bonus, they can see what meal is provided before they buy it, removing the need to scramble around to find the termly meals menu. Parents can now pay for school trips and after-school clubs in instalments, making the process of paying for items less stressful and finances more manageable. We have also used the 'school shop' to allow parents to purchase additional items, such as 'Build a Bear' toys, and other optional items.
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The final word

This system is excellent in allowing granulated access to layers of admin. Our teaching staff are able to view their class submissions for dinner and not worry about altering any settings in the background.

SchoolMoney Demo

Want to see what SchoolMoney can do for you? Take a look at this demo on YouTube!