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Switching Payments Provider

Switching Payments Provider

Your 3 easy steps to switching to SchoolMoney  


Are you getting the most from your school payment system?

We’re working with schools to make life in the school office easier. Using a payment provider can help immensely, saving time in the office taking cash, banking cheques and much more. Are you getting the most from your system? Switching provider is easy, we follow 3 steps…

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1. Moving Balances

We completely remove the admin burden and move all your existing data.



We’ll provide a handy CSV template for you to collate all parental balances to be transferred to SchoolMoney. Here, the list can simply be populated by the school with all credits and debts from their current system. We will then use the spreadsheet to create new accounts, where parents keep the same credits or arrears but with the new SchoolMoney system.


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2. Training and Setup

FREE training and setup, some providers actually charge for this!

All school staff are then trained remotely by our committed team, meanwhile we’ll setup a link with your MIS to transfer contact information for parents. We’ll be sure to include all school trips, school dinner registers and a school shop for you.



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3. Launch Time!

We support you to get your parents’ up and running.



We provide a letter template that you can send to parents if you’d like, this of course can be adapted to suit your school’s message. We’ll also send a text and an email to each parent to let them know the exciting news! Parents don’t even need to register or create an account; we’ll get this all from the database. Rest assured, we’re only a phone call away if you need any support!


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SchoolMoney is an intelligent school payments solution designed to modernise daily school functions featuring invaluable cashless capabilities.

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