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SchoolMoney Changes

SchoolMoney Changes

Dear SchoolMoney Parents

We are constantly looking for ways to improve SchoolMoney with the feedback provided from both schools and parents. Right now, a lot of work behind the scenes is happening to improve the security and user experience, all the while not interfering with the day to day running of the system.

Outside of some performance enhancements and minor bug fixes we have been improving security throughout SchoolMoney.

Later this month, when you log in, you will be provided a new option to the top right of the screen. Here you can change your password to something unique to you.

For added security, when you decide to change your password, you will receive an SMS or email notification to let you know this has been actioned. It will prompt you to login using the new password you have set for yourself, this also acts as a security check in case this password change was unexpected.

Also based on feedback SMS messages linking you to new payments will no longer take you to the Eduspot homepage, you will rather be directed to the Parent Login Page, this should hopefully avoid any confusion.


The Eduspot Team

0845 388 5510