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GDPR for Schools

G D P R for Schools

Data Protection Services for Schools

Data Protection Services for Schools

Community Brands offer a complete GDPR solution for schools, offering training and guidance to give your school complete assurance when it comes to data protection.

Why is GDPR for schools important?

GDPR and data protection is important in schools to ensure complete data security and to ultimately prevent data breaches. The sensitive data that schools receive, such as personal information, passwords, photographs and credit card details, should be safeguarded. Additionally, it is a legal requirement that not only schools themselves are GDPR compliant, but their third-party suppliers are too.

Click below to access our free posters, guides and more resources to help you promote GDPR compliance in your school.

Download free GDPR resources

GDPR for Schools

Protecting Your School Data

Community Brands UK has partnered with to ensure the schools we work with understand the importance of GDPR compliance and data protection. We work with many schools, so it is very important for us to safeguard the sensitive data they share with us. We want to help and support your school to stay on top of your GDPR requirements.

The support team is completely dedicated to helping your school manage its GDPR compliance programme, review contracts, and report and respond to potential data breaches. The system is made as simple as possible to help any organisation reach full GDPR compliance.

On this page, you will find some useful guides and checklists that you can download. These will make it easy to understand GDPR regulations and safeguard your school’s data. These materials have been developed by data protection and cybersecurity experts, and they aim to easily train school staff. It is essential that your school staff are trained accordingly to learn about the basics of cybersecurity and data breaches.

Through our guides and GDPR awareness, your data security training will be made simple. Pupils will also be able to learn about data protection easily, and what they can do to safeguard their own data and everyone else’s.

Download free GDPR resources

GDPR Products and Services is our GDPR compliance platform built specifically for schools. All staff have their own account and there is a dashboard dedicated to groups of schools. We also offer a tailored DPO service to meet the needs and expectations of schools and trusts. 

Use the platform to: 

  • Train all staff; 
  • Record data breaches and report serious ones to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO); 
  • Record subject access; 
  • Map data across the school; 
  • Review and record supplier compliance; 
  • Share policies and procedures for staff to review. 

GDPR Guidance & Support

For your school’s data to be fully secure, there are some essential steps to be taken. This way, your school builds a strategy on cybersecurity that will prevent it to encounter risks when holding sensitive information.

Risk Assessments

Conducting a risk assessment will help you understand what risks you face and how to address them. It will help you decide what measures to implement and how much to spend on them.

Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures are essential to educate employees and pupils on situations such as a data breach. They should state your organisation’s standpoints on security. This is what to keep in mind when creating effective policies and procedures:

  • Keep them realistic and practicable
  • Talk to the people who will be required to follow these procedures
  • Check for possible process inefficiencies and eliminate them
  • Keep your procedures clear and straightforward for everyone to understand and follow them
  • Review these procedures regularly and update them if necessary

Centralise all your school’s GDPR processes and staff training with a GDPR compliance platform developed specifically for schools and trust.

  • Centralise monitoring and reporting
  • Save time managing compliance and quickly produce detailed reports
  • Train staff quickly and easily
  • Train all staff in their GDPR responsibilities
  • Support data protection by design
  • The risk assessment area enables you to easily work through data protection impact assessments (DPIAs) before deciding to implement new projects
  • Easily manage data breaches and data subject access requests (DSARs) Meet the requirement of recording and reporting data breaches and ensure DSARs are responded to in line with expectations.

Staff Training and Awareness

Teaching employees how to avoid breaches is essential. It is important that they know the basics on how to recognise phishing scams, what to do if they become aware of an incident or breach, how to create efficient passwords and to be careful about what they write and share on social media.

Cybersecurity Strategy

Being prepared for any risks that can be encountered online safeguards your school community and keeps their data secure. It is essential to treat cybersecurity issues as any other organisational risk. If obstacles are identified at an early stage, it is easier to overcome them.

Children’s Data

Children have the same rights as anyone else under the GDPR, but there are some extra requirements for their data to be safeguarded. They can consent to processing like an adult if they are considered competent; if not, consent by a parent or guardian is needed. Consent applies to processing such as using photos of the child on a school website or sending their details to the local press. However, consent is also required for ‘information society services’, and in that case the child can’t be younger than 13 to consent. These include any service provided online, for instance social media or e-commerce sites. It is important that schools are aware of these requirements and that consent is given by the appropriate people.