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How Trusts can Deliver Consistent Comms while Retaining Personality

The Importance of Consistent Communication in Trusts

Consistency when communicating benefits both parents and teachers — it’s key when it comes to creating streamlined processes and nurturing parent relationships.

When you think of ‘consistency’ words like ‘bland’, ‘uniform’, and even ‘personality-less’ might spring to mind… But there’s good news! You can still communicate effectively across your trust without sacrificing your schools’ unique personalities, all with the help of Teachers2Parents.

In this blog, we’re sharing how our software can transform your communication strategies for the better.

Consistent communication when it matters most

Covid highlighted the need for quick and effective communication between parents and schools.

When you need to disseminate important information to schools across your trust, the best way to do that is to use the same software for every school. You then know they’re able to contact parents wherever they are, be able to reach them through their smartphones and get the message out there quickly.

Perhaps you’ve had to cancel a school club at short notice, or your school has flooded, and everyone needs to be updated pronto. Or you need to schedule some messages to send out in the future — our comms tool can help you deliver all this and more.

Catering to individual school needs

Although you might all follow the same procedures when it comes to performance management or appraisals, you need a solution that works across your trust for communication purposes.

Teachers2Parents isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, it moulds to your school’s individual needs. It can be used by everyone and used however you see fit. Our software promotes creativity — re-write all template text, drag and drop different form fields, brand your forms to match the school logo and colours — make sure these tools reflect your school’s ethos and demographics.

And although you’re rolling your comms tools into one to produce one invoice and less admin hassle, you’re still able to capture what makes each school different.

Embracing the shift to digital

The pandemic shone a light on virtual learning. And while you’re back in the classrooms once again, some virtual elements are sticking around — like parents’ evening.

Virtual parents’ evening means increased flexibility for busy parents, and it helps teachers effectively manage their time. Our virtual platform means you can easily manage multiple parent slots with a countdown timer, so you don’t run over.

Homeschooling means parents are now more involved in their children’s schoolwork; they’re more aware of their progress. Keep this theme running by using the virtual platform to hold more one-to-ones with parents to discuss their child’s performance, keep them in the loop and further build that relationship.

Our virtual platform means you can easily manage multiple parent slots. But it doesn’t just stop there; you can use it for staff meetings (across trusts), or just catching up with parents between parents’ evenings. You’re able to have a much more hands-on approach to parental relationship management.

Before you go

Covid forced us all online, whether we wanted to embrace technology or not. This means more staff are open to the possibility of using tech in day-to-day life. Tech makes everything quicker and can even help improve parental engagement.

Improving communication throughout your trust starts with investing in technology that offers many benefits, from cutting costs to making communication effortless for everyone.

Unite your schools while giving them the creative freedom to manage their own comms.


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