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How to Use our Teachers2Parents Forms Creatively

4 creative ways you can use our forms

Clear communication in your school is crucial — whether you’re communicating internally or externally with parents and students. Forms are a great communication tool, particularly when they’re easy to build and fill in. When you think about sending parents forms, you might use them for permission slips only. But there are many other ways you can use our Teacher2Parents forms.

We’re sharing four ways you can use them going forward. If you’ve got questions about creating the forms below, get in touch.

1. File anonymous bullying reports

Sometimes, when your child gets bullied, they plead with you not to pay a visit to the headteacher, fearing your interference will make the situation worse. Or some children suffer in silence. 17.5% of 11-15-year-olds have experienced cyberbullying, and 32% have been bullied face-to-face.

But this is where our forms can come in handy—creating a form and making it accessible as a link makes your form 100% anonymous. This way, bullying can be reported by parents or students. Make the form known to all parents and students regularly by sharing the form link on your school website, via email, or text. Parents and students need to know you have a good procedure in place to put an end to bullying.


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2. Open day registration

Pre-pandemic, you’d have happily swung open your doors and welcomed all prospective parents to drop in at an open day. But, unfortunately, schools now need to monitor how many people attend at one time, which might mean staggered open day appointments. And managing all of this manually can be a headache.

Instead, you can use the Teacher2Parents form builder to create custom event booking forms. These event booking forms are perfect whether you’re hosting an in-person event or a virtual one; keep tabs on who’s attending so you can plan accordingly.

3. COVID testing

Covid isn’t going away — we’re all figuring out how to live with it for the foreseeable. And that means we’re still having to test regularly and isolate. The Guardian reported that one primary school had close to 50% of pupils off school with Covid for a week toward the end of last year.

With so many pupils and staff absent, it can be an administrative nightmare to record accurately. Instead of juggling sickness calls, parents, guardians, and staff can share their Covid test results (and a test result image) through a pre-built Covid testing form, keeping all results together and Covid absence reporting communication clear.

You can create these forms instantly using our pre-built Covid test result form templates and edit however you like, add fields, remove fields and use language specifically for your school.

We’ve created one for parents and guardians and a separate one for school staff members keeping admin to a minimum.

COVID reporting – How to use forms templates

4. Anonymous staff survey

Although it’s important to have regular one-to-one conversations with your staff members, it’s also important to collect unbiased feedback on school processes and the school environment. The best way to do this is to create an anonymous survey because people are unfiltered and honest.

These surveys can help pinpoint patterns in complaints, helping you rectify them quickly, which can also help retain excellent teaching talent. It’s important your staff feel valued and listened to. Covid continues to put a lot of pressure on school staff, with 81% of teachers surveyed saying they feel more stressed since Covid, so it’s essential you check-in.

To sum up

Forms can be used in all kinds of scenarios, and in a world where clear communication has never been more important, forms provide an instant channel to communicate with your school for staff and parents alike while reducing admin time.

If you have any questions about how to use the Teacher2Parent form builder, get in touch with our friendly team — we’re ready to answer any questions!

Or why not try the form builder for free? Join our other 10,000 schools as they improve the communication between school and home.

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