school money

A 10 step cashless guide for schools

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Cashless catering

Secure school payments

School revenue

cashless catering

Unleash the full potential of school facilities to raise additional school revenue.

Remove the prospect of money being mislaid, mishandled or stolen.

Quicker food service and effective safeguarding for children with allergies.

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"With the introduction of Universal Infant Free School Meals we went from 170 to 330 meals per day. Implementing a cashless system saved 15 hours a week, or a full 24 days per year."

A Huge Time Saver

This is a cashless guide for schools and MATs wanting to remove the burden of cash from their school - or who want their cashless payments system to do more. 

steps to going cashless

Get your steps to going cashless

Walk through the 10 steps to instituting a cashless school payments system. Starting with a cost benefit analysis to make sure the school can afford it, to seeking feedback after launch.

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Going Cashless in Education

How to do more with cashless payments