The parental engagement resources library

Over the past few years, we have put together a variety of resources, with the aim to support schools with the ever-present and evolving challenge of parental engagement. All our resources are free to download and can be accessed below.  


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The parental engagement challenge

Whether you’re developing a full engagement strategy (every school should have one!) or are at a stage where you just want some quick ad-hoc improvements, there are plenty of things you should be considering. 

Our ten-step guide helps schools with the challenge of implementing effective parental communication and managing the burden of administration.


The benefits of parental engagement

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Bridging the gap between schools and parents

With the community asking to improve the way parents are actively involved in the school community, you need to adopt a two-way communication strategy that not only keeps parents informed about their child schooling, but listen to their opinion for what concern decision making processes.

This content has been designed to support schools meet the DfE and Ofsted's latest requirements, while also reducing staff workload.


Perceptions on parental 
engagement effectiveness 

In 2017, we commissioned a team of researchers to record what parents think of the way schools communicate with them on a range of issues; from pupil behaviour to academic performance.

Discover parents' point of view and compare it with what senior school staff and ICT leaders told us to see where the discrepancies are and where you should improve. 


Getting parents involved has been proven to:

Improve attendance and reduce unauthorised absences

Increase general behaviour and achievements

Raise children outcomes