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Progress Schools

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Report Card - Progress Schools

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11 Schools Across England

Progress Schools Limited is a nationally based organisation with independent secondary schools based across England. Progress Schools provides high level, supportive and inspirational teaching at Key Stages 3 and 4 to ensure positive progression and readiness for the world of Further Education, Work Based Learning or Employment.

The assignment: Eliminating time wastage on admin whilst staying compliant

Progress schools wanted a modern solution which allowed their staff to utilise technology to reduce time spent on mundane admin work.  As an innovative group of 11 schools, they felt they weren't getting the best out of their previous system, so a switch to Eduspot was the logical next step in levelling up their productivity. "Our school relies on Eduspot to fulfil a number of statutory obligations. SchoolPod allows us to hold all the information for a student in one place, conveniently. We invest heavily to ensure our staff have high-quality laptops, so for us, it’s key to drill down any administration time for our staff. For example, attendance can be done in the lesson and incidents can be recorded on the go. There are many events which require noting down such as records of concern, so this is pivotal for us."

How did BehaviourWatch fit in at the school?

Staff were able to complete admin tasks 'on-the-go' and in their classrooms rather than having to manually collate data at the end of the day- a process which was tedious, time-consuming and unnecessary . "The flexibility of SchoolPod has been another major aspect for us. Constantly, I’ll phone up the support team and say, ‘I need to be able to do this…’." "In terms of improving our behaviour strategy, the 'Type of Behaviour Report' is something we use regularly as part of our data dashboard. This has given us the chance to focus on exactly where incidents are occurring and what the persistent issues are. From here, we can carefully target the issue with support. One form you helped us bring over was our ‘Exclusion and Analysis Report’. Our key aim is encouraging reflection and preventing a recurrence. So, having this on here helps us tremendously. The incident form is filled in, then automatically an Exclusion and Analysis Report is made, here, there are two simple boxes which ask ‘what did you do in the lead up before the exclusion?’ and ‘what are the strategies for when the student returns?’. "

The final word

“SchoolPod has provided us with a platform that meets our needs.  Being independent we have to make it work for us and Eduspot have been most flexible.”