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Keresley Academies

Keresley Academies

Tracking Data about Improving Behaviour

Report Card - Keresley Academies



450 pupils

Keresley Grange and Keresley Newland are two small schools on the edge of Coventry and Warwickshire. In total, around 450 children attend their settings. The Academy’s aims are summed up as Language, Learning, Lives and their inclusive values for their children centre around ‘RESPECT OURSELVES, RESPECT EACH OTHER and RESPECT OUR SCHOOL.’

The assignment: Tracking Data about Improving Behaviour

"We wanted a way to track and monitor behaviour incidents in school and communicate them transparently with parents efficiently. As an improving school, we wanted hard data about how behaviour at the school was improving over time and to be able to act swiftly if patterns of behaviour incidents were emerging."

How did BehaviourWatch fit in at the school?

"BehaviourWatch has been set up in a bespoke way to reflect our school behaviour system. It sends parents immediate messages of any behaviour incidents involving their child and, crucially, can send positive messages to parents when their child has good behaviour all week. As a result, parents are able to work well with us to support any behaviour that needs to improve as well as praise when it is going well. The tracking and monitoring tools are really useful and we are able to analyse half-termly patterns for both of our schools and compare these over time to see how overall behaviour is improving. We can see where patterns occur and use in-school monitoring to unpick these further and, crucially, take swift action where necessary. We also use BehaviourWatch to track First Aid incidents in a similar way. "
Behaviour Management

The final word

“The tools are powerful and can be used to efficiently prepare behaviour reports for SLT, Governors, School Improvement Partners etc, and provide a strong additional piece of evidence to help with proving improvements that we have been making as a school. Also, we have found that the BehaviourWatch technical support team respond quickly to update requests.”