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Friars Academy

Friars Academy

Tracking and Interventions give us the evidence that we need

Report Card - Friars Academy

Secondary School

155 pupils

Friars Academy is located in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire and hosts 155 pupils. With a specialism of Autism Spectrum Disorder, Friars is a modern school who are adored by many.

“At Friars Academy, we aim to work in partnership with parents, carers and the community to develop confident, responsible, happy, independent, creative and successful young people.”

The assignment: Tighten up and evaluate procedures and practices

Friars Academy wanted to tighten up behaviour procedures within their school. They felt their students were able to get away with things too often due to the lack of clear and concise reporting. The school staff also felt as though so much of their time was taken up handling negative behaviour, that positive actions were often overlooked. They wanted a way in which they could reward students who deserved praise.

How did BehaviourWatch fit in at the school?

Friars Academy loved that students were becoming aware of the system from day 1. This meant they instantly changed some of their behaviours to avoid being 'BehaviourWatched'. The system proved to be speedy and reliable, allowing them to handle incidents with confidence.

The final word

“The initial impact of BehaviourWatch has been extremely positive. The staff are really positive and it has created a lot of discussion regarding behaviour management. The consistent approach has been really beneficial.”