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Track responses and improve parental attendance.

Cut the time needed to set up your events and reduce workload.

Improve communication with parents and boost students' results.


Organise successful parents' evenings with ease

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Send invites 

Easily set up your parents' evenings and send invites in a matter of seconds

Improve parental attendance rate

Monitor bookings, send automated reminders or book manually for parents. 

Empower Parents

Allow parents to suggest topics in advance and support meaningful conversations.

Keep everything under control

View, download, email or print your teachers' schedule and ensure everyone is prepared

Organise a parents' evening, manage invites and booking schedules can create a huge amount of administrative workload for schools, meaning teachers and staff can't focus on what is important for the success of the meetings. 

But what if organising parents' evenings will take you only 100 seconds? Watch the video below to see how this is possible.

Parents' evenings are one of the most important appointments in the school calendar, allowing teachers and parents to work together to increase pupils results.

Our parents' evenings solutions are designed to support schools at all levels to maximise the benefits of these meetings while reducing the unnecessary workload related to the organisation of the events.

What schools say about our parents' evenings solutions


Make bookings easy for parents

Parents can easily book the most suitable meetings for one or more children

"It saves so many man-hours and a lot of paper. It should be a tool used in every school office because it saves a lot of time and stress." 

Justine Archenhold, 
Lauder Primary School

Stephen Grimshaw, 
St Margaret High School 

"If schools want to improve in engagement, this is a great way. [...] We usually had 52% of parents coming to stage year 4 parents' night, but our first time with PEBS was 76%." 

Liz McPhie, 
North Lanarkshire Council 

"Some primary schools have stated that it now takes a couple of hours to organise a parents' evening as opposed to one week, saving valuable time and resources." 

Angela Maclead,
St Joseph Catholic Primary School

"The uptake has been incredible, within 20 minutes 30% of parents have booked online, leading to an overall attendance of 88% with little to no school input. "