Ofsted Story: The journey from 'Special Measures' to 'Good'

This guide charts the story of what happened for Lindsworth School when placed into ‘Special Measures’ and it’s transformation to ‘Good’ across the board 18 months later. We discuss with Dean Williams, the schools Pastoral Lead, policy changes behind their success and their long term plans for improvement.

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With some fantastic insights in how to revolutionise your behaviour recording and reporting strategy, these are some of the things you can expect to learn.

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The importance of building an evidence base for student behaviour and safeguarding

The new challenges that come with being placed into 'Special Measures'

The timeline from 'Special Measures' to 'Good' charting the 18 month turn around

'Because of the richness of data collected it has become possible to show patterns and trends, identifying hotspots where there are particular challenges and difficulties, such as where a class teacher was having difficulty with a certain group of pupils. Having the data at our fingertips makes it possible to offer tailor-made support to the teacher and pupils in that group.'

Dean Williams - Head of Pastoral

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