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What is XoD?

What is Xporter On Demand?

Xporter on Demand – XoD for short – is a data extraction tool which allows your school to transfer data from your MIS to other systems and third-party software through cloud technology.

XoD works by sharing all user data from your MIS with the other systems or applications you use in school, such as parental engagement or classroom learning software. Once XoD is installed it will only share data with applications you have authorised, and only the data you consent to sharing for each individual application.

You can also rest assured that the data you share is fully secured and encrypted to strict industry standards.


Why use XoD?

Our aim is to make data transfer easy, reliable, and secure across all our products, including Teachers2Parents. The integration with XoD is designed to give you more control over the MIS data you share and allows you to customise it to your individual needs, whilst we endeavour to maintain transparency regarding the data we use and why.

Key XoD Benefits

Here are some great reasons to be excited about XoD:

  • Improve the control you have with existing MIS data.
  • Full GDPR compliance with greater control over the data you share between your MIS and Teachers2Parents.
  • Automatic updates ensure you are always running the latest version.
  • No physical installation required and can be installed on any PC at any time.

XoD Tips

  1. Whilst a sync is taking place you can continue to use SchoolMoney as normal.
    You will see the Sync in progress icon at the top as the sync takes place.
  2. If you update something in your MIS, such as a contact’s mobile number, and you need that information in SchoolMoney straight away, click ‘Sync Now’.
    XoD will ensure that the change is reflected in SchoolMoney.
  3. You can adjust your chosen scopes at any time.
    Simply click the Re-Authorise button and the authorisation process will begin again, allowing you to select different scopes.
  4. If a Contact won’t sync, ensure they have all of the following in your MIS:
    • Name
    • Parental Responsibility
    • A priority assigned
    • An on-roll admission status
  5. Teachers2Parents customer?
    XoD is also available for your Teachers2Parents system.

Currently still in the works, we’ll give you all the updates about XoD’s release over the coming weeks!

Looking for more information? Contact the Eduspot team today for details.


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