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Will pupils need to go to summer school?

Anne Longfield

Children’s Commissioner, Anne Longfield has today suggested that summer schools should be set up in a bid to aid pupil’s learning development, due to the learning time they missed during the coronavirus lockdown. Longfield claims the most vulnerable children are at risk of falling behind due to the potential of 6 months’ worth of learning being missed.

Longfield urges for a “national effort” to set up camps providing sport, art and education throughout July and August. “Based in school buildings and running throughout the holidays, summer schools could provide activities of all kinds, meals and potentially some learning too,” Independent. “The idea is likely to be popular with parents, who, however well-intentioned and motivated, may need a break from homeschooling.”

Will there be more government funding?

It currently remains unclear whether more government funding will be used, in addition to April’s free laptops scheme.

Teaching unions have expressed concerns, highlighting that teachers have been working industriously throughout the pandemic, taking major risks being front-line keyworkers.

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