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Wellbeing Weather Register - SchoolAwards

Log Student Wellbeing With SchoolAwards

The Positive Register

Join Farren as he shows you around the wellbeing weather register within SchoolAwards, our awards management software.


Collate Wellbeing Data From Pupils

SchoolAwards enables you to easily collect data from pupils, by asking if they’re feeling ‘Sunny’, ‘Cloudy’, ‘Rainy’ or ‘Stormy’. This method is very easy for children to understand, and results in meaningful and complex data which can be analysed using SchoolAwards’ in-built reports.


Analytics As Standard

SchoolAwards enables you to analyse trends around positive behaviour, creating actionable narratives so you can nurture positive behaviour. Watch the video below to gain insight into how the Wellbeing Weather Register could be implemented in your school, and how the behaviour radar enables you to take the next steps in utilising your data.


Getting Started With SchoolAwards

To learn more about SchoolAwards, download our brochure today! Alternatively, get booked in for a consultation with our friendly team by clicking here.



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