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A Versatile Communications Service - Teachers2Parents

What our schools say about Teachers2Parents 

We have asked our schools to comment on the impact Teachers2Parents has had on their pupils, parents and guardians and school staff. Feedback always inspires us to go forward and helps us understand what to work on and improve. Do you have something to say about Teachers2Parents? Please let us know here and your school will have a chance to be featured on the Our Schools page on our website. 

Versatile communication 

“So very easy to keep in touch, and can use it anywhere; at home, on my iPad or on my phone on the way back from a trip!” 
Honeybourne First School 

Real-time engagement 

“Great for keeping parents up to speed. Love to send quick reminders – PE kit, reply slips etc. Very good way of staying in touch during the pandemic and normal day to day school life.”
-St. George’s Primary School 

Gifting you with time 

“This is a really great service and has given me back time that I used to spend having to ring parents and carers to find out why pupils were not in school.”
-Crookhey Hall School 

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Your personalised alerting tool 

“T2P is our most efficient and immediate method of communicating with parents and carers. It has been a saviour during many challenges such as adverse weather and the pandemic.”
Kingsway Primary School 

Your parents’ evening solution 

“It is easy to use and make communicating with parents and organising parents’ evening a smooth process.”
-Beulah Junior School 


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