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Teachers2Parents Video Calling

Video Meetings Made Simple

A modern parents’ evening requires video calling functionality, here at Eduspot we’ve got you covered. Parents’ Evening Video is an addition to Teachers2Parents which ensures social distancing and safety is maintained. Our robust system is extremely flexible and very easy to set up, with no installation required. Learn more in our new video:

If you’d like to learn more about Parents’ Evening Video, you can sign up for our webinar! 

How does it work?

Schools create a Parents’ Evening event as normal but select ‘video call’. From here, parents can book their slots at their convenience and each will receive a link to join the meeting prior to it beginning.

Ensure strict timings are maintained

During a call, parents and teachers can each view their meetings in the schedule to the left. The system features a handy countdown timer which turns red when the session is nearing the end, ensuring slots are kept to.

Reliable and consistent

With our reliable video API, video calls are crystal clear and consistent. Parents and teachers can even showcase student work, results and photos using the screen share feature.

The future is here!

The Challenges Schools Are Facing has influenced the education sector’s relationship with technology immensely. Schools which have had their processes set in stone for the last decade have now been forced to adapt and implement new technology such as cashless catering and text messaging. To download your free copy of our magazine, click here.




I am interested in the video meetings for Parents’ Evening. We already purchase PE from you, would this be included in the price? Is the system already up and running, would it be ready for our February/March Parent meetings?

Many thanks
Bev Enever
Underwood C of E Primary School
01773 782868

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