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SchoolMoney Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at our recent SchoolMoney Common Support Queries Webinar along with some questions we received:

Your Questions

How does SchoolMoney link with ScholarPack?

If you use ScholarPack then your data can be imported by either using the Wonde Link or the Xporter XOD link. If you are not already set up with either of these links then please log a support request with us here and a member of the support team will help you get started with it.

If I have a club set up with a mixture of FSM and non-FSM pupils. How do we do it so the FSM pupils can secure a place but not pay anything?

You can use the enable reservation section to allow parents to book without paying upfront. This is found within the settings area in the payments. If you need help with this please log a support request with us here.

Is it more beneficial for all our parents to download the app rather than log in via the website?

We do recommend the App is easier for parents, as they don’t have to log in with their mobile, email and password etc. Once they have downloaded the app, they can click straight into it on their phone.

Does our new intake automatically come across from SIMS once accepted on school register?

Your new intake will import from SIMS when the SIMS Link run (as long as they have reached their admission date) – you’ll just need to add to the register as Veena demonstrated.

Are you running any webinar on reports with particular reference to payments and banking reconciliation?

Hi, we will definitely look at holding a webinar on these topics soon.

Does it link with SIMS pre-admission for new joiners?

Sims will only send on-roll students but they can be added manually in as a visitor.

How do you add new form groups?

New form groups will import from your MIS system automatically or through the CSV file you send-up. They can’t be manually added to SchoolMoney.

How can I set up a weekly register for payments for children that pay to use home to school transport minibus?

The support team will be able to contact you on this, please log a support request with us here.

how do we take a child off SchoolMoney using Wonde?

If a child has been off-rolled from your MIS system, then next time you run your Wonde Update from the admin tab of Teachers2Parents, that student should automatically be off-rolled on SchoolMoney. The only time this would not happen is if that student still had an outstanding debt on SchoolMoney. In that instance, the account will stay on-roll until the debt has been either paid or written off.

I have a parent who has paid for meals and was entitled to free school meals. As the parent had debt before using SchoolMoney how can I use those payments to cover the previous debt, rather than issue a refund?

If you have not already done so, you’ll first of all need to make sure that student is marked down as Free School Meals in the admin section (if you are a SIMS user this should have happened automatically). Next, you’d need to back-date any meals that have gone down as paid but should have been free. This is done by removing those meals from the register, pressing Save, and then adding them back on again. Any the money the parent has paid should then be showing on the cashier tab, under the ‘parent in credit’ area. What you can then do, still in the Cashier tab, is click on the week(s) with the outstanding debt and use the Action / Select box to choose ‘Pay by credit’ to use the money against the previous debt.

Any Questions?

Click here to contact our support team if you have any other questions.

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