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A SchoolAwards Introduction with Jake

Getting to Know Jake

Our SchoolAwards behaviour expert Jake Slaney has been asked a few questions about how SchoolAwards can help benefits schools as they re-open after the Easter break. SchoolAwards enables school staff to easily track and reward behaviour that happens within the school environment.

Meet Jake

How does SchoolAwards empower teachers?

SchoolAwards has been carefully designed to allow teachers to easily input data without being burdened by longwinded forms. As a result, teachers and school staff can easily build databases of key records, enabling all future actions to be ‘evidence-based.’ No more “you’re unfairly picking on my child” claims!

How is positive behaviour acknowledged in SchoolAwards?

SchoolAwards enables teachers to efficiently reward positive behaviour with our in-built Behaviour Register. Here, text messages and digital certificates can be sent to parents notifying them of achievements. Furthermore, our dedicated reports are always on-hand so you can keep track of positive behaviours.

How can SchoolAwards’ reporting change school processes?

SchoolAwards enables schools to streamline their existing processes by cutting back on paper and saving the time of school staff. For instance, it would normally take staff a significant amount of time to collect and analyse the data on a spreadsheet. SchoolAwards allows this to be completed at the touch of a button. We make reporting more involved for pupils, for example, you can show your pupils’ performances in a league table. We have also put facilities in place to ensure the quiet achievers gain the recognition they deserve, as sometimes, it’s only the noisiest pupils which get heard.

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How can house points be used in SchoolAwards?

House points can be used as a motivator for pupils across almost any kind of school within the UK. There is a great amount of flexibility which you can implement with this, you could host competitions, sports days, and other events. You could also link house points to behaviour, whether this would be extra points for good behaviour or deductions for bad behaviour. Within SchoolAwards, you can digitally log house points, and pupils can even exchange them for rewards within the SchoolAwards shop! As a school, you can also make the decision whether you want to include house points in your end of year reports as you communicate this with parents.

How can SchoolAwards help improve Ofsted reports?

Our behaviour and wellbeing recording templates have been designed with you in mind. SchoolAwards allows schools to move away from current systems such as physical bound books, instead, all data can be collected digitally, each with a date and timestamp, meaning data is carefully stored and retrieved easily.

Find out more about SchoolAwards by visiting our website, or contacting one of our team.


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