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What will life be like once schools re-open?

According to The Guardian, In the week to come, Boris Johnson is expected to outline a plan for a national lifting of restrictions. The Prime Minister said, “one of the things we want to do as fast as we can is get certainly primary schools back”. Meanwhile, Head of Ofsted, Amanda Spielman has recently stressed the importance of a school routine in the life of a primary school child. What kind of implications can we expect when schools inevitably open?

Shake up of routine

After the long absence from their usual routine, it will take a few weeks for younger children to adapt and understand what’s expected from them. This means behaviour and ability to focus may suffer. Furthermore, the situation may have brought a level of confusion for children and as a result, they may not be in the right headspace to learn effectively. The implication of this is there needs to be a great amount of learning support on a one-to-one basis for those kids that are finding it particularly difficult.

Teacher appreciation

Many parents have been thrown into a situation which they never planned for, home-schooling! During this time, some may have struggled, while others thrived! No matter where on this spectrum they lie, I’m sure many will begin to appreciate the daily work teachers put in. It’s natural to take things for granted and no one is to blame for it, but sometimes it takes a situation that is out of the ordinary for us to truly value some people’s true contribution to society. Teaching as a skill will be more respected and admired by parents.

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Even when the school gates open again, there will still be a cloud of uncertainty hovering over our society. Will the summer holidays still happen? Or, will schools remain open to catch up with what they’ve missed? What happens if there is a ‘second wave’ of coronavirus? What if students and staff feel unsafe? Uncertainty can sometimes lead to panic, so strong leadership and decisive action will prove to be pivotal.

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