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Primary School Children Wellbeing Guide

How to manage mental health upon return to school

As we return to normality slowly, the uncertainty of life in these odd times is bound to be taking its toll on our nation’s primary school children. Their mental health must be acknowledged and supported during this time, so we’ve put together a guide for parents on how they can help their child’s transition back to school.  Here are a few of our top tips:

  • Returning to a normal schedule of sleeping, eating, and leisure time (tv, games, etc.) prior to re-openings. If children go to school tired, out of routine and confused, it’ll severely impact their learning and lengthen their settling in period
  • Make sure they’re aware of what’s happening as best as you can. It’s important to keep kids in the loop and allow them to prepare mentally for school.
  • Focus on some of the positives, remind them about seeing their classmates, their favourite subjects, etc. Make them excited about going back!
  • Keep active! Make sure you’re encouraging your child to remain active as much as possible throughout the day! Modern technology has encouraged children to spend many hours sedentary, break this up by moving regularly!
  • Allow lots of extra time in the morning of your child’s first day back. Rushes often create chaos and add to the uncertainty, aim to get to school at least 15 minutes early so you can remain calm and collected

To summarise, these points could provide some relief to primary school children who are struggling emotionally. Obviously, each person will vary and there is no single solution that will remedy the problem; however, these ideas could be a good start and allow some momentum to build.

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