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Primary School Offer Day 2021 - What do you need to know?

Primary School Offer Day

What is Primary School Offer Day?

Last Friday (16th April) parents were informed as to whether their child had been accepted into their chosen primary school. This is a key point of the year for parents with young children and Primary schools must begin the process of beginning all administration ahead of their September start.

How does it work?

The letter informs parents whether their child has been given a place at any of the schools their parents applied for. From here, parents must accept the offer by the deadline given in the offer letter. Otherwise, the space could be withdrawn and given to someone else. If the child is not offered a place at any of the schools applied for, the local council must provide a place at another school. This is usually the nearest school with places still available.

So how can schools prepare for September?

Parental engagement is key for schools, and as you look forward to September, you must ensure that parents are aware of all policies that you have in place. For example, it is important to make sure parents are aware they should direct their complaints to a certain inbox rather than putting them on social media. Another example could be setting and reinforcing the culture of a school, which involves a set of shared beliefs and expectations. If you’re able to maintain a strong connection with parents, you’ll be able to embed your culture into your messaging early on.

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Schools must ensure communications with this new set of parents are clear, concise, and efficient. Primary schools are using services such as Teachers2Parents to facilitate this, and new customers can even try the system with their first month completely free. Text, email and push notifications ensure that parents can be properly kept in the loop with all information and updates heading into September. Click here to get started.


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