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The Positive Register - Reward Your Pupils!

Nurture Positive Behaviour With SchoolAwards

The Positive Register

Farren talks to us about the new ‘Positives Register’ within SchoolAwards and how it might help your students to feel more positive about themselves! Watch the video below and download your free brochure to get started with SchoolAwards.


Log Positive Behaviour With Ease

SchoolAwards allows you to quickly log a whole data set of positive behaviour, with point values attributed to each behaviour indicator, you can quickly see the results add up! Many teachers even show the positive behaviour register on a large monitor or projector in front of their class, this means pupils can actively view the register being completed, pushing them to achieve their best.


Meaningful Data Made Accessible

SchoolAwards enables you to record in-depth, meaningful data without being weighed down by long-winded forms. Staff can even analyse trends around positive behaviour, creating actionable narratives so you can nurture positive behaviour.



Getting Started With SchoolAwards

To learn more about SchoolAwards, download our brochure today! Alternatively, get booked in for a consultation with our friendly team by clicking here.


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