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How is your school handling the new COVID testing procedures?

Automate your school’s testing administration 

Take a look at our new Teachers2Parents Forms template specifically designed for COVID testing results meaning that you and your school can collate all your test results and keep them in one place.  

Using digital forms to save time 

You can create a form as you usually would, and you will find our three new COVID testing templates. One is to send to your staff so that you can receive their test results; one to send to parents and guardians so you can gather their children’s results; or one internal template which is so staff can input any test results that have taken place at school.  

Fully intuitive and easy-to-use 

We have provided you with the option to ask the recipient to include a photo of the result if that’s important to you. The recipient can upload a previous image or take a new one at the time.  

Designed to suit you 

The templates are designed to repeat regularly to keep up with your schools testing programme, you can choose the dates and times that the tests repeat. You can also choose a date and time to send a reminder.  

Want to learn more? 

If you’d like to find out more about our Forms module please visit our forms page, or fill in the form below.


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Just like to know the cost for school for the forms module.
Our Lady and St Chad Wolverhampton

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