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Keeping Children Safe in Education

A whole school and college approach to safeguarding in Post-16 Settings

Did you know? Last September, DfE guidance was updated to clarify the level of recording required for safeguarding concerns. The Education and Training (Welfare of Children) Act 2021 extended safeguarding provisions to post-16 providers. 

It can be challenging for schools to be able to monitor children’s behaviour and safeguard them without a dedicated system in place. If you are a provider of post-16 education, such as a 16-19 Academy, Special Post-16 institution, or an Independent Training Provider, you may want to consider unifying your approach to Safeguarding. 

For the past decade, BehaviourWatch has been a solid favourite among post-16 providers looking to double down on their approach to safeguarding students. We closely follow DfE updates to the Keeping Children Safe in Education statutory guidance. Based on this, we often tweak our software to help our customers comply with changes.  

Recording Concerns with BehaviourWatch  

With BehaviourWatch’s customisable online forms/slips, we can tailor and tweak what’s recorded to ensure it fits your existing school processes as well as the statutory guidance. This whole-school approach via BehaviourWatch will help to underpin all relevant aspects of process and policy development. Your BehaviourWatch Concern form can include: 

  • a clear and comprehensive summary of the concern;
  • details of how the concern was followed up and resolved;
  • a note of any action taken, decisions reached, and the outcome. 

Watch the video below to learn more about reporting with BehaviourWatch:

Every concern you record can be securely guarded using our Letterboxing feature, to ensure only the right people can access the right information at the right time. Key safeguarding staff can then use our flexible reports to identify trends in recent concerns, on a pupil or school level. Information sharing is vital in identifying and tackling all forms of abuse and neglect, and in promoting children’s welfare, including their educational outcomes.  

Find out more about BehaviourWatch and book a demo to get your school started on an exciting safeguarding journey. 



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