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Winter Support Queries - SchoolMoney

Frequently Asked Questions about SchoolMoney

We are here to support you with any issues you might be experiencing with SchoolMoney. It is our priority to help you use SchoolMoney with ease! Below are some of the most recent frequently asked questions about the product. If your question was not answered here, and you need additional support, please visit our support site!

How do I set up a Christmas Menu?

Setting up a new menu for a Christmas dinner is very easy. Follow the steps below:
1. You can choose to use the menu import template or manually set up a new menu under admin and dinner item.
2. If you choose the second option, you’ll be using a fresh menu slot.
3. Add in the Christmas dinner, along with the usual meal items for the rest of the week.
4. Then, change the menu number allocated in the dinner payment to correspond to the Christmas menu payment.

How do I set up sales of Christmas performance tickets, Christmas cards and other gifts?

Add the items to the School Shop tab so that parents can log in and place their orders in the desired quantity, or create a voluntary payment so parents can key in how much they’d like to pay.

How do I change the costs of extended services ready for the new year?

Set up the club weeks in the payments tab as normal, and then double click into them and use the ‘configure durations’ button to enter the new prices as necessary.

How do I chase missing refunds for parents?

Collect the details of the refund from the school, and then escalate to Tech. They will confirm the card details for the refund and also provide a reference of the refund if that cannot be located by the parents’ bank.

How do I refund shop items?

Follow the steps below:
1. Go to Cashier.
2. Change drop down to ‘Show All.’
3. Single click on the shop item on the left.
4. Select ‘Action’ on the right.
5. Check the details are correct and click on ‘Refund.’

If you wish to explore any other features of ShoolMoney that may be useful in this holiday period, check out our latest winter support webinar.


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