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Teachers2Parents Messaging Guide

When contacting parents, it is important to keep information brief, simple and concise to make sure that everyone understands and that things don’t get lost in translation. When using Teachers2Parents, we advise to prefer the email feature instead of frequent messaging for best results and better communication.

SMS messages may be considered more of an emergency, so it would be helpful to try to filter information and how to deliver it to a parent. To avoid over-using the SMS feature, we have put together a step-by-step guide for teachers to reduce communication with parents but still making sure parents receive all the information school staff wish to provide.

Step 1 | Make a Note

Throughout the week, make a note of the non-urgent announcements you need to give parents; this will minimise the frequent SMS messages and avoid overwhelming parents.

Step 2 | Start a Draft

Start drafting a blog on the website, or an email using Teachers2Parents; by using this system, there won’t be a character limit so you can allow yourself to write longer lists. It can be your own personal newsletter!

Step 3 | Send a Message

Send a message home to let them know you will be contacting them weekly through an email, detailing any relevant information and news. This will encourage parents and guardians to check their inbox before the following week.

Step 4 | Send an Email

Send your email at the end of the week, such as on a Friday. Remember you can include 5 attachments with Teachers2Parents email. Or if you wrote a blog, send them a message with the link to the website.

Step 5 | Follow Up

If the email contains urgent announcements, or you require a response, send another message to make everyone aware. Alternatively, you can use our parents’ evening software to meet families for a video call.

Helpful Tip!

Forward this guide onto your colleagues or print it out and use as a reference in your staffroom or school office space.


teachers2parents guide

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