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Contactless: will schools connect with technology in 2021?

New Year, Same Feelings

As we enter a new year, many of the existing issues remain at the forefront of our minds across society. We continue to ask ourselves: How much longer will this continue? Will schools close? When will I be vaccinated? Within the school environment, this constant layer of uncertainty makes it difficult as teachers continue to give their best efforts but are forced to teach through the on-going noise.

Without a doubt, schools need to utilise the technology which is available to them to streamline processes and remain organised. Schools have been burdened with an ever-changing landscape over the last 9 months, so the new year could prove to be a key period for them to ‘re-calibrate’. In our discussions with schools, we’ve noticed several key areas which that create hesitation amongst teachers, school staff and parents. First, let’s get into the details of the latest issues:

Track and Trace

School leaders have been industrious in their work to keep their communities safe, with many working throughout evenings, weekends and during holidays. Towards the end of the Autumn term, BBC reported that school staff felt “broken” by last-minute demands for them to run testing schemes in secondary schools in England.


The government has aimed to strike a balance between the risks of Covid-19 transmissions, and the importance of providing an in-person education for children. Throughout the pandemic, there has been a series of U-Turns and miscommunications which has made the challenge difficult to adapt to.

Upcoming Vaccinations

As vaccinations such as MMR and HPV take place in schools, it seems likely that Covid-19 vaccinations will also be held in schools. As these will be completed en masse, the administrative burden will be huge for schools lacking the tools.

The Answer: Technology

Many Eduspot schools are collecting consent forms digitally, filing track and trace data intuitively and managing documentation for Looked After Children using online solutions. These introductions are creating a divide between the old and the new – the schools that are willing to utilise the tools available, and those falling behind.

The Myths of Introducing Technology

“Technology changes won’t affect education”

Technology has well and truly made its impact across society; it is fundamental to the ways we communicate, interact and learn. Tech has transcended sectors, it’s only a matter of time before the days of pupils using pen and paper are over.

“New technology will just confuse staff and teachers!”

New technology is usually successful because it is dynamic and easy to adapt to. Often the idea of breaking a habit or routine can make change difficult. Embracing technology and giving it a chance is a key way that schools can become better.

“It’s just a waste of money!”

Actually, EdTech provides solutions that save administrative time. We’ve also found that many schools have saved £100s on office supplies such as paper and ink cartridges!

2021 and Beyond

In the new year, we’re sure to see many new trends and shifts in cultural norms. If there are any major changes in education, we hope it’ll be to take that leap of faith towards adopting new technology, enabling teachers to thrive amongst the noise.



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