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COVID-19 Information for Schools

The coronavirus outbreak has created a substantial level of uncertainty so far. Despite the unpredictability caused, it is pivotal that we use all the resources which are available to us in order to protect the vulnerable members of society through effective communication and education. You can find below information on what you need to know about coronavirus, how to limit the spread within educational settings and how to teach children of various ages the importance of this issue and how to practice effective hygiene.

Here are some of the important things you need to know:

  • The symptoms of coronavirus are most commonly a contagious cough, shortness of breath and a high temperature
  • If anyone on site develops these symptoms, they should be sent home and follow these guidelines
  • Touched surfaces and objects should be cleaned and disinfected more than usual
  • Younger children should be supervised to ensure they wash their hands properly (20 seconds)

In an educational setting, it is important to take as many precautionary steps as possible to protect yourself and others. The government has currently not taken any major decisions in the UK in terms of closures however they suggest any upcoming international trips be cancelled. They may however, once a new law is passed, allow for larger class sizes if there are teacher shortages. Resources such as this can be printed to influence the behaviour of staff and older children in school environments.

Younger children must also be taught how to behave responsibly. The learning plan for them should be based on their understanding and age. E-Bug is a free educational resource which can be used in the classroom. Their selection of lesson plans are designed to educate KS1, KS2 and KS3 children on hand washing and respiratory hygiene in a fun way. These resources can be found here.

Here at Eduspot, we have a strong belief that this unprecedented situation will bring us closer together as a society. We’ll learn to communicate more effectively, embrace new technology and change our behaviour towards each other for the better. We’ll be sure to keep you updated with any changes to this advice or any breaking news moving forward.

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