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Covid-19 Recording and Reporting – BehaviourWatch

Keep Your School Safe With BehaviourWatch

Keep Track of Testing

On the platform, you will be able to keep track of who has been tested for Coronavirus, and the outcome. If the students have been tested outside of school, you have the option to attach images of the test result. It is a section completely customisable depending on your school’s priorities and needs; you will also be able to add additional fields or remove any as you wish.

Notify Parents and Guardians

Through BehaviourWatch, you will be able to alert parents and guardians instantly through texts and emails. The platform also provides letter templates you can choose to send to parents and guardians and social workers, to make them aware of any changes that will occur in school as a result of Covid-19.

Use BehaviourWatch To Protect Your School Community

Apart from tracking common symptoms and test results, BehaviourWatch will also notify school staff instantly. This way your whole school will have a chance to avoid spreading the virus and stay healthy.

Getting started with BehaviourWatch

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