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9 Classrooms To Fall In Love With

9 Classrooms that will inspire you for September

If you ever lack a little inspiration on how to design your next classroom display board, then don’t panic! We’ve got some wonderful Instagram accounts lined up that are just over-flowing with quirky and creative ways to jazz up your class area!  


With a large Instagram & YouTube following, Mrs J ‘The Display Lady’ is an absolute must-have in your following list! She shares how-to videos, weekly vlogs and shares real-talk teaching videos.



Based in the US, Lorena from @fabulousfigs is a source of lots of inspiration! She shares cute tips and tricks, and even shows us how she is keeping virtual teaching cute! Her virtual classroom is to die for! 



Sharing cute classroom DIY’s and activities are Miss B’s forte, her Instagram account is full of them! We absolutely adore her display boards and her ideas for pupil engagement, so if you’re on the lookout for some new inspiration – Miss B’s account should definitely be a go-to!  


If you’re looking for some ideas on how to keep pupil’s motivated in your classroom, why not check out this blog all about keeping motivated?


Michelle’s display boards are gorgeous, and we cannot stop staring at them! On her Instagram account, Michelle also shares her simple classroom activities that are her student’s favourites! If you teach young ones, Rise and Teach is the perfect account to follow. 



With over 10 years’ experience, Steph Reed is an amazing teacher specialising in working with teachers and parents of autistic and neurodiverse students. Steph shares lots of tips, tricks and how-to’s on her Instagram account and even has online courses that might help you and your school. Steph also runs a podcast with more specialist advice for teachers and families.  



Based in the UK, The Happy Educator is full of cute ideas that you can bring into your classroom! She shares tips and tricks of where she downloaded things, and how she made them! Definitely give her account a follow if you’re looking for some simple, yet beautiful ideas.  



Jen’s Instagram focuses on empowering every teacher and even runs mentoring programs so that teachers everywhere can feel a little more supported. If you’re looking for some resources that focus on you rather than your students, Jen’s account is the perfect place to go.  



Anna from The Imagination Tree shares some of the cutest ideas for play and learning activities! You can add a little fun into your classroom with some of Anna’s educational games. Just look at this gorgeous sand writing technique!   



Based in the US, Michelle and Hadar from Target Teachers share some of the most wonderful classroom DIY’s and bargains that you can get in the American store Target. Even though some of the items they share might not be available in the UK, their creativity and inspiration are 


If you’ve loved these ideas for notice boards, why not use our virtual notice boards in Teachers2Parents? You can pin any important notes for all teachers so they can read them at a glance!  

Do you have any notice board suggestions? Please use the comments section below to support the school community!


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