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BehaviourWatch Quarterly Update

Autumn Newsletter

Welcome back to BehaviourWatch

Welcome to the Q4 Update for BehaviourWatch! Whether you’re an existing customer, or just looking to learn more about us, this article is a great way to get to know our team, hear of our important developments, and to learn how to get the most out of BehaviourWatch

Our Team

A word from Daryl


Hi, I’m Daryl, one of the BehaviourWatch Account Executives at Community Brands, I’ve worked with educational institutes for over 8 years now and thoroughly enjoy it. I’m from Liverpool and support Liverpool, so the bragging rights are mine this year!

I’m keen to support schools as much as I possibly can also, therefore please do not hesitate to reach out should you need help. Over 80% of my customers are rated Good or Outstanding by Ofsted – can we help improve your rating?

A Word From Jake


Hi, I’m Jake your BehaviourWatch Account Manager from Leicester, based at the Leicester head office. I have worked for Eduspot for over 2 years now and in that time, I have helped many schools across the UK improve their Behaviour policies and procedures.

I am a keen walker and love to travel and I am planning to complete the 3 peak challenge in 2021! That desire transfers into my work life, traveling across the country to visit schools, whether it’s for an account review for existing customers or to give a more insightful look at what we do. I am always on hand!

BehaviourWatch News


How can BehaviourWatch help manage COVID?

Do you need to record COVID-19 testing? Would you like to keep track of who has been tested and the outcome?

Our development team has created an example of a slip that could be used in your school to record COVID-19 test results, including the ability to notify parents via email or text should you need to complete tests in schools moving forward. Also, if children are tested outside of school, you have the ability to attach an image of the test result should you wish to do so. Each slip is customisable to fit with your requirements, so if you want to add or remove anything we can do so.

This report allows your school to quickly identify the number of positive and negative results logged for COVID-19.



Our Schools

Moor End Academy has recently joined our growing list of ‘Our Schools’, showing us how they use BehaviourWatch to log incidents efficiently. As a result, Moor End have been able to level up their processes, consolidating their position as a world class academy.

Details of how you can join this programme and become one of ‘our schools’ can be found later in this article.

BehaviourWatch goes “Down Under”

BehaviourWatch has been gaining some traction in other parts of the world for some time now, but more recently Western Australian Education Support Centres have seen how BehaviourWatch can benefit their provisions. We’re pleased to welcome Albany Secondary Education Support Centre and Spencer Park Education Support Centre to our community.


What upcoming BehaviourWatch events are in the pipeline?

We will be running a series of localised webinars in November with a key focus on how special schools are utilising BehaviourWatch, would you like to take part? Share your story with other local special schools? Do let me know!

BehaviourWatch Developments

What improvements have been made to BehaviourWatch this year?

Revamped Reporting & Analysis – Incidents Over Time

Incidents Over Time

Our development team have improved the overall look, feel, speed and tablet friendliness, together with:

  • Filter options for both calendar and academic year – these options are available in the ‘Group By’ dropdown list, the image above displays group by ‘Academic Year’.
  • The ability to toggle on or off Averages, Medications and Slip Counts.
  • Selectively disable slips using the legend – a very useful tool to help you present the data you are looking for, faster.
  • Print option now defaults to landscape, and improved formatting all round for printing.
  • Right click and save option as well as print – say goodbye to snipping tool as you can save the image directly from the report.
  • CSV and RTF export now includes all compared datasets.

Upgraded Subject Access Request Functionality – Notes and Files Export

When a subject access request is made you will now have the ability to export all notes and files into a folder that can be efficiently shared via email (example image below).

Let’s Talk

How is BehaviourWatch supporting customers?

2019/20 was an extremely busy year for our support team who resolved 5991 cases, completed 187 training sessions and started 71 new implementations. We are very proud of the hard work and dedication our support team show each and every day to supporting our customers and hopefully you agree these statistics are outstanding!

Did You Know BehaviourWatch could do this?

The development team released an exciting new module last year called Outcomes, a flexible visual tool to track IEPs, EHCPs and Learning Aims.

Outcomes is a self-manageable work-space that lets you set a target and define the steps that are required to help achieve it.

Join Our Schools

We’d love for you to join Our Schools so we can celebrate your achievements! Click here to learn more.

Book a Demo

To learn more about Outcomes, Incidents Over Time and all the other amazing features BehaviourWatch has to offer Book a Demo by filling in your details below.


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