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How Can BehaviourWatch Help You Track and Manage COVID-19?

Recording Data for Covid-19

Do you need to record and report on information regarding COVID-19? Would you like to keep track of who has been tested, the outcomes and when pupils and staff have received their vaccination?

We’ve created an example of a form that could be used in your school to record COVID-19 symptoms and test results, including the ability to notify parents/guardians via email or text should you need to complete tests in schools moving forward. Also, if children are tested outside of school, you have the ability to attach an image of the test result should you wish to do so. This COVID-19 form is customisable to fit with your requirements, so if you want to add or remove anything we can do so.

This report allows your school to quickly identify the number of positive and negative results logged for COVID-19.

BehaviourWatch Report

For testing, the reporting tool allows you to clearly view the number of tests per month. This could be critical in providing evidence, proving that you’ve fulfilled regional testing protocols.


Informing Parents of COVID-19

You may want to consider using your SchoolPod/BehaviourWatch system to notify parents/guardians/social workers about any preparations you are making. Our versatile mail merge tool called Letters may be able to assist you with this. Using Letters, we can create a custom mail merge for you based on the letter/information you would like to send out. This mail merge will be able to pull student-specific information from your system when generated.

Our Support

If you would like to use our Letters feature to build and send a letter regarding COVID-19, or anything else, please feel free to get in touch with your usual support team members on the below email addresses for the product you would like assistance with:



Government Guidance

For official advice regarding the virus in educational settings and symptoms in children, please click the links below:



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