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Balancing infection prevention with parental payments

Is it important to go cashless?

Even though many of us are able to work from home during the quarantine period, it is important to remember that schools remain open to the children of key workers. Schools without an online payment system continue to use cash payments, which presents a risk to parents, staff and children. Cashless forms of payment are being encouraged by authorities when possible, which could potentially slow down the spread of coronavirus. A recent study by The New England Journal of Medicine found that the virus can live on many surfaces for significant periods of time. This includes up to 72 hours on plastic and steel, and 24 hours on cardboard. Due to the nature of passing bank notes, there is certainly a risk amongst schools which aren’t entirely cashless. Many schools are also unable to establish how many meals are needed on any given day, which can also create issues of food wastage.

What else can we do to negate these risks? What technology is available?

Schools now have the option to use an online payment provider, eliminating the need for money envelopes, loose cash and consent slips. Now is the perfect time to set schools up and implement our modern solution, saving both time and money in the process.

Ballymacash are now saving over £600 a month in bank fees and spend valuable time on more important things than counting cash or trips to the bank. Monday mornings previously spend collecting cash for trips, scheduling dinners for the week, losing a solid 25 minutes a week in the classroom. Since moving to SchoolMoney Stephen Grey, Headteacher, says; “Monday mornings are completely different now – we can get children straight into their work.” You can read more on their story here;

PayPoint and the role it can play

Over 50% of our SchoolMoney schools are now using PayPoint.

PayPoint provides those without access to online banking or other online facilities to top up their account when they need to. Parents and guardians can top up in person at over 28,000 locations in the UK whether that be; supermarkets, post offices, petrol stations or corner shops. This extra capability could prove to be essential during the coronavirus pandemic, and schools should be taking forward-thinking opportunities in order to help flatten the curve. By enabling PayPoint schools which currently still take infrequent deposits of cash can become entirely cashless.

What can Eduspot offer with SchoolMoney?

A cashless payment system provides cutting edge convenience for parents as they can manage their balance remotely using PayPoint, the website or even through our handy app! This saves valuable time on their end, but also provides value to schools in freeing up administration time due to the reliable financial reporting capabilities. SchoolMoney is truly a modern all-in-one financial multitool for the future, which you’ll wonder how you managed without! This technology is essential in 2020 and we believe all schools in the UK would benefit from its functionality. That’s why SchoolMoney is currently available with an excellent limited-time-only promotion. With this exciting offer, we can set up the software in April, but won’t have to pay until May!


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